Funeral Planning

While it may be difficult to prepare emotionally for a funeral, you can easily take steps to prepare a plan for the services you will need for the event.

Planning ahead also gives you the time you need to get some money together to help cover the expenses, so you don’t leave your family with a sudden financial burden. For help with funeral planning, contact Poarch Insurance. We specialize in funeral planning and expenses, and can get you on track.

Planning involves learning about funeral homes in your area and their costs, as well as arranging your selections for the funeral and burial or cremation. You can select the music you want to play, the passages you want to be read, the speakers, the casket, the urn of your choice. Making these decisions removes that task from your loved ones’ burden in their time of grief.

Plan for the funeral costs

Funeral planning allows you to anticipate and prepare for the costs of your funeral. That means you can purchase a final expense policy or funeral trust to plan for the expenses of the service you want to memorialize your life. Generally, funeral homes expect all of the payments upfront with no options for a payment plan. This can create a stressful situation for your loved ones. If you are in a position to, seek out an affordable solution to secure funding for your funeral.

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Prepare the service to your liking

Planning your own funeral gives you the agency to choose how you want to be remembered at your ultimate celebration. You can choose the readings you would like to be read at your service or select your favorite music to be played at the funeral home. This relieves your family from debating whether or not you would like certain choices. 

Make special requests

Your family or loved ones may not know how you want to be laid to rest. Some people have strong feelings about burial or cremation. You can lay out instructions for your loved ones to scatter your ashes at your favorite location if you so choose. Suppose you have preferences for your funeral service or like a certain type of flower. In that case, you can request that those be used in the ceremony. All of your wishes can be granted as long as you request them.

Shelter your family from the details

The death of a loved one can create some emotional rifts between family members if stressful decisions need to be made at short notice. Plan for the details, so your loved ones don’t need to face them in their time of grief.

We understand that final arrangements can be a difficult topic, and we are here to help you feel prepared. But funeral planning lets you prep all the details, so your loved ones don’t have to. Plan yours with Poarch Insurance.